Shyam B. Paryani, MD, MS, MHA, FACRO, FACHE

Although Shyam Paryani was born in India, he came to Jacksonville with his father at the age of 11. He attended Fort Caroline Jr. High School and Terry Parker High School, where he graduated near the top of his class. He then attended the University of Florida, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering magna cum laude and a Master’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering/Radiation Physics. He also earned a Master’s in Health Administration from the University of North Florida in 2002 with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

In his second year of college, Doctor Paryani was admitted early to Medical School in the Junior Honors Program. After graduating from Medical School near the top of his class and being inducted into the National Honor’s Society of Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA), he traveled west to Houston, Texas, for his internship. He received training in Internal Medicine at the University of Texas and M.D. Anderson Hospital. Following this, he kept traveling west and landed in Stanford, California, where he received his training in Radiation Oncology.

After completing his training in 1983, he returned to Jacksonville to join his father and Doctor Walter Scott in practice. He helped found the Florida Radiation Oncology Group (FROG).

He has served on the UNF Foundation Board, the College of Health Dean’s Council, and the Health Administration Advisory Board. Dr. Paryani was selected as the UNF Distinguished Alumnus in 2007 and the Distinguished Alumnus of the Department of Health Administration in 2017.

He has a strong interest in education. He founded the Continuing Medical Education (CME) program at Memorial Hospital in 1991 and has served as Chairman of the CME Committee for over 20 years. He has also served on the  FMA CME Committee for Accreditation since 1995 in various capacities, including Chairman and Surveyor.

He is an engineer, nuclear physicist, physician, scientist, teacher, innovator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.